Liang He

Phone: 010-62661711-8089
Fax: 010-62661700


Research Interest

I am an Associate Research Fellow at TCA lab in ISCAS, and a member of ISA Group.

My main research interests cover software vulnerability analysis and exploitability assessment. I earned my Ph.D. in Computer Science from ISCAS (2014) in the area of malware analysis and defense on online social network, supervised by Prof. Purui Su and Prof. Denguo Feng. I received my B.E. degree in Computer Science and Technology from Beijing Normal University in 2008.


1. Liang He, Yan Cai, Hong Hu, Purui Su, Zhenkai Liang, Yi Yang, Huafeng Huang, Jia Yan, Xiangkun Jia and Dengguo Feng. Automatically Assessing Crashes from Heap Overflow. IEEE/ACM ASE, 2017 (Accepted).
2. Qi Li, Patrick P.C. Lee, Peng Zhang, Purui Su, Liang He and Kui Ren. Capability-Based Securiy Enforcement in Named Data Networking. IEEE/ACM Transactions On Networking (TON), 2017 (Accepted).
3. Liang He, Dengguo Feng, Purui Su, Lingyun Ying, Yi Yang, Huafeng Huang, Huipeng Fang. OSNGuard: Detecting Worms with User Interaction Traces in Online Social Networks, ICICS, 2013.11.20-2013.11.22.
4. Jia Xu, Jia Yan, Liang He, Purui Su, Dengguo Feng. CloudSEC: A Cloud Architecture for Composing Collaborative Security Services. CloudCom. 2010.11.30-2010.12.3.